Mad Forest at Williamstown Theatre Festival

I am happy to announce (very belatedly) that I was chosen as a member of the Non Equity Company at Williamstown Theatre Festival, and have been cast in two productions here, the first of which being the delightfully impossible Mad Forest, by Caryl Churchill, directed by the incomparable Lila Neugebauer (The Mad Ones, NYC). Our show opened July 13. The experience was a whirlwind in the best ways possible, as is everything at Williamstown, it seems. Our cast was comprised of 10 people, and all of us played multiple roles. I tackled the characters of Irina, Flavia's Grandmother, Granny (Bogdan's mother), and the Flowerseller. I will forever have a special place in my heart for all four of these woman, but especially my dear Flowerseller (only a few paragraphs worth of text in the play, but within those words, a lifetime). This was my first Churchill play, and it challenged me beyond measure - never before have I encountered a play written in such a code. After a month of deep, dark research, Romanian accents, Romanian propaganda songs and poetry, 1980s outfits, and 9 hour days in Williamstown's most infamous rehearsal space, The Log, I can soundly say that this has been one of the fondest experiences of my career. Here's a snapshot from our event page:

And here is a production still from the heart breaking (for me) scene, 'Lucia are o coroana de aur. Lucia has a golden crown'.


I am currently in rehearsal for a brand new musical entitled The Dixon Family Album, written by Anna Kerrigan, directed by Jordan Fein, composed and musically directed by Andrew R. Butler. It is based on the 1960s band The Cowsills, and is a dark and twisty tale of family, corruption, music, and love. I have been cast as Ronnie, the youngest son of my family (yes, son). We open August 10. More information to come! But for now, here's the website: