The Dixon Family Album at Williamstown Theater Festival

It's been two months since we closed The Dixon Family Album at Williamstown Theater Festival. The show was a workshop of a brand new musical written directed by Jordan Fein, written by Anna Kerrigan and composed by Andrew R. Butler (or what I like to call 'the holy trinity'). The show told the story of the Dixon Family band, their trials and tribulations through the 60s, their demise, and their reunion in the 90s. I worked on the character of Ronnie Dixon, who goes from a shy and imaginative, music loving 12 year old boy, to a deeply troubled, depressed 42 year old man from act 1 to 2. The opportunity to work on a male character was a challenge I appreciated, but the more I worked on Ronnie, the less his gender defined him for me as his vessel: here was a person in deep need of compassion, and that's all that really mattered. 

Here is the website promotion:

And here are some production photos: