Workshop Performance at Theater In Asylum

I recently participated in an 8 week workshop of a new play titled Pistrix, A Melancholy Fable by playwright Annie R. Such. The workshop was commissioned by Theater In Asylum's Green Pages series, directed by Michael Alvarez and produced by Georgie Keveson.

From the promotional material: "Pistrix tells the story of a clock and toymaker in a town where time has stopped, and all the children have died. Now residing in the belly of a whale, Ilario reflects on his tragic past and faces crippling isolation within the beast."

The play is roughly based on aspects of the Italian children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi, but is completely re-conceptualized and re-imagined by the exceptional and original mind of Ms. Such. Over the 8 week workshop, we pored over drafts of the play, giving feedback to Annie as she developed the work. In the process, I worked on developing and exploring the character of The Woman in Blue (Cecilia - Ilario's wife, and conscience) and Madam Renzi (a blunderbuss wielding old widow), but was ultimately cast as The Woman in Blue for the reading. I sang a rendition of Corpus Christi Carol for the reading as well (accompanied by the talented Bobby Mittelstadt on guitar).

The reading was very well attended, and much interest has been sparked in producing this great new work - congrats to Annie!

Details about the reading can be found here and here