The Tank Theater Devising Residency

Stephanie has begun rehearsals for a brand new devised piece at The Tank Theater. The group will be using Tectonic Theatre Project's devising techniques to build a theatre piece about mental illness.

This residency pulls together an ensemble of multi-disciplined artists, including actors, directors, writers, designers, and scenic painters. Some of the artists wear the hats of trauma resource specialist and social worker on this rockstar team.

The piece will premiere May 14 at 3 pm at The Tank. Stay Tuned for more info! 


Stephanie works with Stella Adler's Outreach Division

This week, Stephanie teamed up with Stella Adler's Outreach Division as a teaching artist for Pathways to Graduation. 

The Outreach Division fulfills Stella Adler's vision that "growth as a human being and growth as an actor are synonymous." Outreach teaches many classes and workshops around the city empowering some of the most under served members of the community to discover their own voice. This particular class is our playwriting workshop with Pathways to Graduation and is all students working towards their high school equivalencies. 

The week was spent working on student's brand new plays they developed in the classroom, and culminated in a staged performance of each play. 

Stephanie feels honored and fortunate to work with such promising students, and can't wait for her next workshop with Stella Adler Outreach!

'Life & Death & In Between' Reading

Stephanie was recently cast in a staged reading of the original play 'Life & Death & In Between' by Cynthia Babak, directed by Chris Clavelli. She was honored to work alongside Maryloise Burke, Joe Grifasi, Debargo Sanyal, Dennis Gagomiros, Michael Huston, Vincent Sagona, and Miranda Plant. 

Stephanie now holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree!

Stephanie has graduated from The Actors Studio Drama School with a Master of Fine Arts degree. She graduated summa cum laude.

After the success of her two Repertory plays, Stephanie is now digging her heels into the New York City audition circuit, while pursuing ongoing writing and acting projects with fellow cohort members from ASDS. 

The Bald Soprano, Spring 2016

Stephanie is currently working on Mrs. Smith in The Bald Soprano (by Eugene Ionesco) for the upcoming 2016 Repertory Season at The Actors Studio Drama School. This production is directed by Chelsea B. Lockie. The cast include Joseph Thomas, Constance Williams, Shashwat Gupta, Liv Hardin, and Robert Montana Shilling. 

More information to come on dates and ticketing! 

Danny and The Deep Blue Sea, Spring 2016

Stephanie is very excited to announce that rehearsals are underway for her thesis production of Danny and The Deep Blue Sea, by John Patrick Shanley directed by Chelsea Lockie. The play's cast includes Stephanie as Roberta and Robert Montana Shilling as Danny. 

The production will run in Spring of 2016. Stay tuned for more information on dates and tickets!

'Heirlooms: The Songs That Raised Us' - A Cabaret

Stephanie has been spending the last few months putting together a cabaret with her friend and colleague Hannah Fuller. The show is a reflection of the songs that have influenced Stephanie through her childhood and young adult life. From the event's website:

"Two women explore their musical identities as they share songs their families sang, melodies connected to special memories, and music from a time and place in their lives long gone, but living on in their hearts. Featuring Josh Kight on piano."

Friday, August 28 - 6:00 pm
The Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street (Greenwich Village)

Click here for the event page. 

And the whole show is being live streamed for out of tow viewers. You can watch it remotely at 6 pm on the 28th, here



Stephanie just performed in the reading of new musical 'Prohibited Love' at CAP21 Studios. She played the complex leading role of Casper/Viola in this prohibition-era crime/love story set in San Francisco. This show has been in development for the last few years, has been staged at NYU, and is now gearing up for some rewrites and an industry showcase. Music composed by Chris Dieman and Jason Cohen, book written by Cat Crowley. 

The Dixon Family Album at Williamstown Theater Festival

It's been two months since we closed The Dixon Family Album at Williamstown Theater Festival. The show was a workshop of a brand new musical written directed by Jordan Fein, written by Anna Kerrigan and composed by Andrew R. Butler (or what I like to call 'the holy trinity'). The show told the story of the Dixon Family band, their trials and tribulations through the 60s, their demise, and their reunion in the 90s. I worked on the character of Ronnie Dixon, who goes from a shy and imaginative, music loving 12 year old boy, to a deeply troubled, depressed 42 year old man from act 1 to 2. The opportunity to work on a male character was a challenge I appreciated, but the more I worked on Ronnie, the less his gender defined him for me as his vessel: here was a person in deep need of compassion, and that's all that really mattered. 

Here is the website promotion:

And here are some production photos:

Mad Forest at Williamstown Theatre Festival

I am happy to announce (very belatedly) that I was chosen as a member of the Non Equity Company at Williamstown Theatre Festival, and have been cast in two productions here, the first of which being the delightfully impossible Mad Forest, by Caryl Churchill, directed by the incomparable Lila Neugebauer (The Mad Ones, NYC). Our show opened July 13. The experience was a whirlwind in the best ways possible, as is everything at Williamstown, it seems. Our cast was comprised of 10 people, and all of us played multiple roles. I tackled the characters of Irina, Flavia's Grandmother, Granny (Bogdan's mother), and the Flowerseller. I will forever have a special place in my heart for all four of these woman, but especially my dear Flowerseller (only a few paragraphs worth of text in the play, but within those words, a lifetime). This was my first Churchill play, and it challenged me beyond measure - never before have I encountered a play written in such a code. After a month of deep, dark research, Romanian accents, Romanian propaganda songs and poetry, 1980s outfits, and 9 hour days in Williamstown's most infamous rehearsal space, The Log, I can soundly say that this has been one of the fondest experiences of my career. Here's a snapshot from our event page:

And here is a production still from the heart breaking (for me) scene, 'Lucia are o coroana de aur. Lucia has a golden crown'.


I am currently in rehearsal for a brand new musical entitled The Dixon Family Album, written by Anna Kerrigan, directed by Jordan Fein, composed and musically directed by Andrew R. Butler. It is based on the 1960s band The Cowsills, and is a dark and twisty tale of family, corruption, music, and love. I have been cast as Ronnie, the youngest son of my family (yes, son). We open August 10. More information to come! But for now, here's the website:

Workshop Performance at Theater In Asylum

I recently participated in an 8 week workshop of a new play titled Pistrix, A Melancholy Fable by playwright Annie R. Such. The workshop was commissioned by Theater In Asylum's Green Pages series, directed by Michael Alvarez and produced by Georgie Keveson.

From the promotional material: "Pistrix tells the story of a clock and toymaker in a town where time has stopped, and all the children have died. Now residing in the belly of a whale, Ilario reflects on his tragic past and faces crippling isolation within the beast."

The play is roughly based on aspects of the Italian children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi, but is completely re-conceptualized and re-imagined by the exceptional and original mind of Ms. Such. Over the 8 week workshop, we pored over drafts of the play, giving feedback to Annie as she developed the work. In the process, I worked on developing and exploring the character of The Woman in Blue (Cecilia - Ilario's wife, and conscience) and Madam Renzi (a blunderbuss wielding old widow), but was ultimately cast as The Woman in Blue for the reading. I sang a rendition of Corpus Christi Carol for the reading as well (accompanied by the talented Bobby Mittelstadt on guitar).

The reading was very well attended, and much interest has been sparked in producing this great new work - congrats to Annie!

Details about the reading can be found here and here